Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Ciencias de la Salud.
Campus de la Salud, UANL.
Av. Carlos Canseco s/n esq. Av. Gonzalitos
Monterrey N. L.  66460.
Tel. (81) 83294000 Ext. 1713

Reserarch Center in Mathematics (CIMAT)
A. P. 402, Guanajuato, Gto.
C.P. 36000, México.

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I'm currently working at CIMAT Monterrey in liaison and research projects.

I've studied a PhD in computer science at CIMAT. My research area is Statistical Learning. My thesis topics includes both supervised and unsupervised statistical learning: classification methods, exploratory data analysis and dimension reduction techniques. My advisors are Johan Van Horebeek and Rogelio Ramos Quiroga.

I received a Master degree in Computer Science with major on statistical computing at CIMAT in 2004.

I received a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico de Puebla in 1997.

My CV is available in english and spanish.