Coloquios de CIMAT en TDA


Miércoles 26 de noviembre, 4.15 pm, Salón Diego Bricio Hernández


Sufficient Statistics for Shapes and Surfaces

Sayan Mukherjee, Duke University



In this talk we introduce a statistic, the persistent homology transform (PHT), to model surfaces in three-dimensions and shapes in  two-dimensions. This statistic is a collection of persistence diagrams- multiscale topological summaries used extensively in topological data analysis. We use the PHT to represent shapes and execute operations such as computing distances between shapes or classifying shapes. We prove the map from the space of simplicial complexes in three-dimensions into the space spanned by this statistic is injective. This implies that the statistic is a sufficient statistic for probability densities on the space of piecewise linear shapes. We also show that a variant of this statistic, the Euler Characteristic Transform (ECT), admits a simple exponential family formulation which is of use in providing likelihood based inference for shapes and surfaces. We illustrate the utility of this statistic on simulated and real data. We close with a discussion of adapting these ideas for networks and graphs.