Spring 2016: Análisis armónico sobre grupos abelianos, espacios simétricos, y pares de Gelfand

Class Syllabus (in Spanish)

Fall 2015: Análisis I (for new master's degree students at CIMAT)

Course Webpage (Spanish)

Spring 2015: Representaciones y análisis para grupos de Lie semisimples

I taught a course on harmonic analysis and representation theory for noncompact semisimple Lie groups. Our most important examples were $\mathrm{SL}(n,\mathbb{R})$ and $\mathrm{SL}(n,\mathbb{C})$.

Class Syllabus (in Spanish)

Lecture Notes (in English)

Tarea 1

Temas sugeridos para pláticas

Seminario de Análisis Armónico 2014

I gave a series of talks about harmonic analysis on Riemannian symmetric spaces and their corresponding horocycle spaces.

The lecture notes were a modified version of my dissertation.

Teaching Experience at LSU