Johan Van Horebeek 

Researcher - Investigador Titular 
    Computer Science Dep. - Dep. de Computación
horebeek at,  H-6,  473 7327155
Ap. Postal 402, 36000 Guanajuato, Gto, MEX
Ph.D., K.U. Leuven

Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT)
Research Center for Mathematics

drawing by A. Fomenko

Research interests

Areas de interés

  • Statistical pattern recognition; statistical machine learning
  • High dimensional data analysis; discrete data analysis
  • Probabilistic expert systems; graphical models
  • Applications of the above to the social sciences and computer vision
  • Reconocimiento estadístico de patrones; aprendizaje estadístico
  • Análisis de datos multidimensionales; análisis de datos discretos
  • Sistemas expertos probabilísticos; modelos gráficos
  • Applicaciones de lo anterior a ciencias sociales y visión computacional
Teaching - Cursos recientes
Estadística y Probabilidad Aplicada  (ago-dic 2010)
Reconocimiento Estadística de Patrones (feb-jun 2011)
Capita Selecta de Estadística
Cómputo Estadístico (INEGI)

Some papers and work in progress
* Detecting Influential Observations in Kernel PCA, M. Debruyne, M. Hubert, J. Van Horebeek, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 3007-3019, vol 54(12), 2010
* Using subspace multiple linear regression for 3D face shape prediction, M. Castelán, G. Puerto, J. Van Horebeek,  ISVC-009, LNCS 5876, 662-673, 2009
* Measuring the Importance of Variables in Kernel PCA, V. Muniz,  J. Van Horebeek, R. Ramos, Proceedings COMPSTAT 2008
* 3D Face Shape Approximation from Intensities Using Partial Least Squares, M. Castelán, J. Van Horebeek, CVPR workshop on 3D face recognition, 1-8, 2008
* Interaction Graphs for Multivariate Discrete Data,  J. Van Horebeek, J. Navarro,  8th Iberoamerican Congress of AI, LNAI 6433,  433-442, 2010
* Using Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials to Extend the Independency Model for Discrete Data, M. Avendana, J. Van Horebeek, working paper
* Context Sensitive Regression Models with Binary Predictors, J. Van Horebeek,  Hugh Chipman, working paper
* A  note on quasi-independence, J. Van Horebeek, Jef Teugels, Technical report CIMAT
* Algebraic Descriptions of Nominal Multivariate Data,  J. Teugels, J. Van Horebeek, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 67, 203-226, 1998
* Generalized Graphical Models for Discrete Data, J. Teugels, J. Van Horebeek, Statistics and Probability Letters, 38, 41-47,  1998
* Image Registration based on Kernel-Predictability, H. Gomez, JL Marroquin, J. Van Horebeek, Computer Vision and Image Understanding,  160-172, 2008
* The approximation of Morphological Openings and Closings in the presence of noise,  J. Van Horebeek, E, Tapia,  Signal Processing, 81 (9), 1991-1995, 2001.
* About the limiting behaviour of the sequential application of robust morphological operators, J. Van Horebeek, E, Tapia, Special Issue on Digital and Image Geometry LNCS429-438, 2001
* Higher Order Structure in Regularity Detection, Luc van Gool, Johan Wagemans, Johan Van Horebeek and Valere Swinnen, Vision Research, 8. 1067-1088, 1992
* (Computer intensive) Numerical algorithms (in statistics),  J. Van Horebeek,  Encyclopedia Actuarial Science, John Wiley, 2004
* Solving Structural Optimization Problems with Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing, S. Botello,  J.L. Marroquin, E. Onate, J. Van Horebeek, Int. J. for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 1069-1084, 1999
* Ergodicity Properties of Queueing networks, Rene Boel, J. Van Horebeek, Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, 323-343, 1996

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