Computer Science

The Computer Science Department at CIMAT is currently one of the most important computing groups in the country. Its activities are oriented to research, technological development, and formation of human resources... read more

Software Engineering Lab

I am member of this research group from Carlos III University of Madrid. Our academic and research activities focus on Software Engineering discipline, mainly on the areas of Software products and Software projects management... read more

CIMAT, Zacatecas Unit

I am currently working at CIMAT Zacatecas. This unit is focused on software engineering research and our purpose is to transfer knowledge and technology to industrial and academic Sectors... read more


I am a Software Engineering researcher at CIMAT Zacatecas, Mexico and member of the SEL-UC3M (Software Engineering Lab, group at Carlos III University of Madrid. In 2010, I finished a scholarship (GPS: Plataforma de Gestion de Procesos Software; Software Process Management Platform) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. I hold a BSc Degree in Computer Science from the Technological Institute of Culiacan (Mexico, 2003), a MSc Dregree in Computer Science and Technology from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain,2007) and a Ph D. Dregree in Computer Science and Technology from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain,2010). My current topics are the Software Process Improvement, Strategic Management in Software Engineering Organizations (SEO), IT governance, Knowledge measurement, Knowledge management,and Product and Process Measurement.

Moreover, I worked in Privacy Preserving area during two years in Carlos III University (November 2004 - Agoust 2006). Also, I was employed by the hypothecary "Credito y Casa S.A of C.V" in Mexico as aplication web developer (from April 2003 to September 2004).

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Contact and Postal Address

Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, Unidad Zacatecas
Av. Universidad 222,
Fraccionamiento La Loma,
C.P. 98068,
Zacatecas, Zacatecas, México
Hugo Arnoldo Mitre Hernández, Ph. D.
Phone:(+52) 492 1540839 Ext. 108

Interest Topics

  •  Strategic Management in SEO
  •  Software Process Improvement
  •  IT Gobernance
  •  Knowledge Management and Measurement
  •  Product and Process Measurement