AMS Special Session

Foundations of Numerical Algebraic Geometry
2016 Fall AMS Western Section Meeting
University of Denver, Denver, CO
8--9 October 2016.

Description of special session.

Dan Bates, Colorado State.   Finding exceptional sets with fiber products.
Nathan Bliss, U. Illinois-Chicago.   Computing all Space Curve Solutions of Polynomial Systems by Polyhedral Methods.
Daniel Brake, Notre Dame.   Desingularizing cells of numerical real decompositions.
Taylor Brysiewicz, Texas A&M.   Computing Newton Polytopes via Numerical Algebraic Geometry.
Michael Burr, Clemson.   An Introduction and Recent Advances on Continuous Amortization.
Tianran Chen, Michigan State.   A polyhedral approach for computing positive dimensional solution sets of polynomial systems.
Brent Davis, Colorado State.   Numerical algebraic geometry for model selection.
Jonathan Hauenstein, Notre Dame.   Decomposition of solution sets via derivatives.
Nick Hein, Benedictine College.   Liason pruning for certifiable Schubert calculus in geometry of type-C.
Tim Hodges, Colorado State.   Extending Bertini 2.0 for your own purposes.
Elizabeth Gross, San Jose State.   Model selection in systems biology with numerical algebraic geometry.
Anton Leykin, Georgia Tech.   Trace test.
Matthew Niemerg, IBM.   Illuminating the Shadow of the Blowup.
Jose I. Rodriguez, U. Chicago. Numerical computation of Galois groups.

Organizers: Frank Sottile & Abraham Martin del Campo